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Deluxe Scottish Christmas Hamper

Deluxe Scottish Christmas Hamper
Deluxe Scottish Christmas Hamper

Take your Christmas cheeseboard to the next level with our Deluxe Scottish Christmas Hamper. Packed with Arran’s famous cheddars, accompaniments and sweet treats sourced from across the Isle of Arran for a truly Scottish Christmas experience.

The Deluxe Scottish Christmas Hamper includes:

•        Caramelised Onion Cheddar, Island Cheese 200g
A slow matured creamy cheddar cheese balanced with the sweetness of the caramelised onion, a classic combination for any cheeseboard. Hand produced on the Isle of Arran.

•        Cracked Black Pepper Cheddar, Island Cheese 200g
Sharp black peppercorns cut through this creamy slow matured cheddar to create a bold flavour, perfect on its own on a Wooley’s of Arran Oatie. Hand produced on the Isle of Arran.
•        Oak Smoked Cheddar, Island Cheese 200g
Smoked using oak shavings from Glenmorangie whisky barrels, this unique cheese is ideal on a cheese board or as a cooking ingredient in your favourite cheese dish. Hand produced on the Isle of Arran.
•        Arran Mustard Cheddar, Island Cheese 200g
Combining two Arran products, slow matured Arran Cheddar and Arran Fine Foods wholegrain mustard seeds to create a deliciously savoury cheese. Hand produced on the Isle of Arran.
•        Original Oaties, Wooley’s of Arran 190g
From the producers of Arran’s famous Oatcakes, Wooley’s of Arran Oaties provide the same iconic flavour in smaller bite-sized pieces perfect for canapes and snacks.
•        Caramelised Onion Chutney, Arran Fine Foods 190g
The tangy sweetness of slow caramelised onion chutney and creamy cheese is a classic combination for a reason. Try it with your Arran Cheddars or as a condiment on your favourite dishes.
•        Vanilla Tablet, Arran Tartan Tablet Company 60g
Iconically Scottish, the Vanilla Tablet from the Arran Tartan Tablet company is the ideal sweet treat after your savoury cheeses. Rich vanilla gives the tablet a balanced sweetness that doesn’t overpower.
•        Milk Chocolate Bar, James of Arran Chocolates 100g
James of Arran produce the finest artisanal chocolate on the Isle, their classic Milk Chocolate Bar is deliciously sweet.

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