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Arrans Cheese Shop flavoured cheddars

Brand: Island Cheese Company Model: Arran Mustard flavoured Cheddar Cheese
Arran Mustard Flavoured CheeseA deliciously subtle combination of creamy cheddar with Arran Fine Foods wholegrain mustard seeds - very more-ish.Serving Suggestions:  The only thing better than a bit of mustard cheese on toast, is two bits of mustard cheese on toast - happy days!..
Brand: Island Cheese Company Model: Chunky Pickle Cheddar
Chunky Pickle CheddarDelicious creamy cheddar with small chunk pickle.Serving Suggestion:  A favourite on a cheeseboard and a beast on a sandwich!..
Brand: Island Cheese Company Model: Arran Whisky flavoured Cheddar Cheese
Arran Whisky CheddarThe whisky notes and undertones of Lochranza Whisky on the back of your pallet will have you reminiscing of the last time you saw the misty Scottish highlands - or big Rab's stag night!Serving Suggestions:  Relax and enjoy with a glass of Arran Malt...
Brand: Island Cheese Company Model: Chilli Cheddar Cheese
CHILLI FLAVOURED CHEDDAR  TRUCKLEHelp ma boab!  The pungent chilli seeds combine with the cool scottish cheddar to give you a kick like Beckham (watch you don't miss your mouth!).Serving suggestions: Cut the cheese into small cubes, add some beers and some pals!..
Brand: Island Cheese Company Model: Chive flavoured Cheddar Cheese
CHIVE FLAVOURED CHEDDAR TRUCKLESpecially selected classic Scottish cheddar, subtly flavoured with chives, a truly enchanting combination.Serving Suggestions: Serve with some wonderfully crunchy Arran Oatcakes and a herb salad for a great tasting light lunch...
Brand: Island Cheese Company Model: Claret flavour Cheddar Cheese
Claret Flavoured CheeseWho'd have thought it.  Scottish cheddar laced with full-bodied claret.This combination has been inspired by the ‘Auld Alliance’ links with France and the Scots heritage of claret drinking.Serving Suggestions:  On its own as a snack or a superb addition to any cheese..
Brand: Island Cheese Company Model: Herb flavour Cheddar Cheese
Herb Flavoured Cheddar TruckleInspired by the freshness of Scottish Island summers, this fragrant Scottish cheddar is naturally flavoured with a selection of the finest herbs.Serving suggestions: Delicious on its own, this also makes a great topping for lasagne and other pasta dishes...
Brand: Island Cheese Company Model: Kilbride (plain) Cheddar Cheese
Kilbride (plain) CheddarNo frills, plain and simple, a slow matured smooth creamy cheddar.Serving Suggestions: Use on Arran Oaties, cheeseboards or on toast...
Brand: Island Cheese Company Model: Oak Smoked Cheddar Cheese
Oak Smoked CheddarDelicious creamy cheddar, smoked slowly over oak whisky barrel shavings.Serving Suggestion:  A favourite on a cheeseboard; use to make cheese sauce or melted in a toastie...
Brand: Island Cheese Company Model: Smokey Garlic Cheese
Smokey Garlic CheddarSmokin!  So take our smoked cheese, add some nippy garlic bits and wow - this'll keep the vampires at bay!Serving Suggestions:  Great on a cheeseboard or chopped into small cubes and sprinkled on a bowl of chilli...
Brand: Island Cheese Company Model: Caramelised Onion Cheese
Caramelised Onion Flavoured CheeseSlow Matured Scottish Cheddar with Arran Fine Foods Caramelised Onion.Cheese and onion being a classic combination this twist of caramelised onion adds a sweetness that works like a dream...
Brand: Island Cheese Company Model: Cracked Black Peppercorn Cheese
Cracked Black Peppercorn Flavoured CheddarHappy days!  Arran cheese with cracked black peppercorns.The cool cheddar combines with the peppery kick to give a taste to die for.Serving Suggestions:  Best served with 6 cans of export and a rugby match!..
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